Producing/Artist Development

Another focus of Hansa Studios is on the production and development of new acts, talents, composers and producers. Shock us with the originality and eccentricity of your music. The quality of your demo does not play a role in our assessment. Please send us one to two tracks/MP3s per email to the contact below. “We use cutting edge technological achievements and combine them with our experience and the diversity of possibilities that our proven hit-making equipment and studio spirit give us.“ (Alex Wende, Producer/Studio Director Hansa Studio).

 “With our connection to all the major, as well as to our own labels, with major distribution and many years’ experience as musicians, managers and producers, we help creative musicians of any kind build their career. We happily give young songwriters/producers the opportunity to expand our team. What’s important is skill in working with Logic and ProTools, musicality and the ability to work well in a team. Our motivation is the success of our artists, good songs and productions“. (René Rennefeld, Producer/A&R Director Hansa Studio)   Please send demos and applications to:


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